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Brief history of #BHS

We have established two factories collecting and producing hair from Vietnamese and Cambodian since 2013.
With more than 10 years in the hair industry, our team have a very clear mindset of hair market in the world. We know diverse tastes from customers and find the most suitable type of hair to give them.

Proudly to say that our generations in a family have made hair for a long time. The parentage “Ta” in Bac Ninh province accounts for approximately 70% of the population in the village. Our brothers go to every corner of these countries to collect hair with diverse quality.

We all agree one thing that no matter how long hair from one head is, we should respect people who nourished the hair to bring beauty to other people, making them more confident of themselves and believe in life. Therefore, there are no words called “bad hair”.

Every type of hair will finally go to one certain person who accept it and treat it well.
That is why Beautiful Hair Store was born.

Our main sources are from hair having high quality and texture similar to children hair which is so soft, silky and full. However, we believe that other types of hair like a little curly raw hair will be also a good choice for people who love glossy but unique hairstyle. And, no words can describe our feelings when we know our hair has been through thousands of kilometers to bring confidence for people who are diagnosed with cancer.

Once again, there is no hair which is BAD. We make sure that when you visit us, you will explore more than one type of hair for yourself with wholesale pricelist and being shipped directly from factory.


Dong Tho Village, Dong Bich Commune, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province

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Email: beautifulhairstore01@gmail.com
Website: beautifulhairstore.com – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautifulhairstorevn/


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