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1. What is straight bulk hair?

Bulk hair is the simplest hair type in our factory. Different from other human hair extensions, bulk hair doesn’t have to be processed too much, only tied at the ends. Therefore, hair bundles still retain the natural appearance. Usually each bundle of our hair weighs 100gr.

At Beautiful Hair Store, bulk hair is collected and carefully selected by us. The cuticle is intact and aligned. We are committed to supplying straight hair smooth, no tangles, no silicon, no toxic chemicals.

2. Why should you choose Colorful Vietnamese bulk straight hair?

Do you want to have a naturally shiny, long hair? However, human hair extensions with natural colors make you feel a bit boring. You want to be more gorgeous and arrogant with a straight, silky straight hair. So don’t hesitate to come to us. With a strong source of hair, our hair can be bleached and stained exactly as you want.

3. Strength and Weekness of Colorful Vietnamese straight bulk hair


• 100% Vietamese human hair
• No tangle, no shedding, no silison, no soaking through toxic chemicals
• Cheap and beautiful


• You will need a little cool time to turn them into other hair types to use.

4. How to use

With Colorful Vietnamese bulk straight hair, you can make it into weft hair, karetin hair,… Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do them. Existing salons can do it for you.

What you need to do is get the Colorful Vietnamese Bulk Straight Hair from Beautiful Hair Store to beautify your hair. Please contact us immediately for more information and to receive great discounts!


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