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1. What is Double Drawn Hair?

Besides Single Drawn Hair, Double Drawn Hair is also extremely popular. A bundle of Double Drawn Hair’s hair is of better quality and thicker than Single Drawn Hair. The hair in the same bundle is of equal length and  carefully chosen.

At Beautiful Hair Store, short strands of hair are removed manually from real Vietnamese women ‘s hair to create up-to-standard Double Drawn Hair bundles. Our products possess a straight and intact cuticle, thus keeping the natural color and smoothness over time. Not only that, we also diversify this product line with many different colors, styles and sizes which are most hunted by fashion followers.

2. Beautiful Hair Store’s Double Drawn Hair – the real answer for you

Double Drawn Hair is always one of the most popular product lines in our store. Our customers and partners are always satisfied with the price and quality of our products. Owning our products, customers also possess a commitment to the best quality in the market, no tangle, no shedding, no mixing, no silicon, no toxic chemicals and superior durability. You can freely coordinate, style even when using hairdressing tools.

Beautiful Hair Store – committed to selling Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair with right quality and competitive price. Please contact us quickly for more information about the product and have the opportunity to receive great deals. Your interest is our great source of support.


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