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1. What is Vietnamese Keratin Hair Extentions?

A bundle of Keratin Hair Extension usually includes 100 tips.

To create high quality products Keratin Hair, Beautiful Hair Store has used 100% real hair of Vietnamese women so that products with outstanding characteristics such as hair strands are kept in the cuticle, not mixed, non-silicon, no toxic, non-fibrous, tangled chemicals. In particular, the hair tip are made by machine, so they are very uniform in size and superior in durability.

We are currently providing products of the types attached at the tip as follows:
 I-tip Hair Extentions: the tips of the hairs are pinned and tied together into a tiny bundle.

 Flat-tip Hair Extentions: a spike of flat, and horizontal hairs.

 U-tip Hair Extentions: the top of the thin strands of hair and is curled into a U letter shape.

In general, this attachment is thin and has a color that matches the color of the hair that they bind to create a sense of visual deception. In addition, we also diversify the hair colors applied on this product.

2. Highlights of Vietnamese Keratin Hair Extensions

• Super durable

The reason is that after being installed, they can last for a long time. For extensions made with high quality virgin hair like products at Beautiful Hair Store, keratin fusion can last for four months with proper care and maintenance! While this product is more expensive than other hair extensions, this is definitely great news to get you ready to open your wallet.

• Flexible

A bundle of Vietnamese Keratin Hair Extensions contains a lot of small hair packs. That means you can easily use these hair tip to turn your hair around, you don’t have to use a whole bundle of big and thick hair that can be broken down and dotted at those different positions.

• Soft and smooth

This is a common feature for all products at Beautiful Hair Store. The original hair fibers are preserved and treated carefully, so our hair always keep the smoothness. The hair structure is still maintained and the luster is as original as the original.

• Easy to clean

Because the connection at the tip of the hair bundles is made by machine, it is very durable, facilitating washing and washing process. You can comfortably scrub without worrying about the strands of hair coming out. This process promises to remove your laundry image.

3. Care and preservation

This type of hair is not really difficult to maintain. Here are some of our helpful tips for you:
 Don’t wash your hair too often because it can cause bonds to slip out of your hair, twice per week is reasonable.
 Swimming should be done sparingly, if at all. The chlorine and salt in the water can loosen up your keratin bonds and cause those extensions to fall out.
 Oily, creamy products, conditioners can cause your roots to become excessively slippery, which may lead to slippage of the keratin bonds.
 Use only special detangler brush for your extensions.
 Three to five months is the typical length of time that keratin fusion extensions usually last. While you have your fusions in, your hair will grow. Therefore, it is important to visit the salon every month for your stylist to remove any bonds slipped and set them closer to the scalp.

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