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1. What is Vietnamese Weft Straight Hair?

Straight machine weft  hair extensions is the type of hair that are sewn or “wefted” to form a bundle of long, thick and firm hair. The hair is sewn through a three-headed sewing machine to reinforce a seam at their top (base), which is then folded and sewn to create the final wefted extensions.

With modern production technology, Beatiful Hair Store’s Weft Straight Hair product is origined from 100% real hair of Vietnamese women. The original hair fibers are also kept in the cuticle, unmixed, non-silicone, non-toxic, non-fibrous, tangled and durable, creating the number one quality product on the market.

2. Advantages of Vietnamese Straight Hair


Because it is sewn and fixed by the machine, the bundle of hair becomes extremely strong.

Natural Soft and Smooth

Natural hair of Vietnamese women is smooth and soft hairstyle and glossy hair. With the goal of retaining those original features, we have worked hard in the process to bring the most realistic hair products. Although this product line is diversified in color and size, but its smooth and smooth properties are retained and not inferior to the original product.

Easy to wash

Because the hairs have been fixed and bonded together, the washing process becomes extremely simple. You no longer have to worry about losing, tangling your hair. This is really effective when you want to save time for washing and preserving hair after use.

3. How to care and preserve hair

Straight Hair Straight Hair has no special requirements in care. However, in order to increase the life of the hair bundle, it is advisable to limit the use of high-temperature cleaning agents or styling tools. In addition, the use of excessive force during the process of hair removal or debugging can also cause hair loss and affect the quality of hair extensions.

We, Beautiful Hair Store, are proud to be a long-time reputable distributor in the market for Vietnamese Weft Straight Hair. We always try to bring the best products and services at the most affordable price to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Please contact us immediately for information support and great deals. Beautiful Hair Store – 10 points for perfection.





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