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Did you buy a lot of human hair extensions? Did you feel unsatisfied with the quality? Are you looking for a very thick and high quality human hair and you haven’t found it yet? Congratulations! Our Vietnamese Same Length Hair – the best quality hair is the type of hair for you.

1. What is Same Length Hair?

Just like the other hair types we offer, same length hair is carefully collected and classified from the long, silky hair of Vietnamese women. A same length hair bundle has almost no short hair. 90% to 100% of the hair in one bundle is in same length and long hair.

The thickness of the hair bundle from top to bottom is almost equal. Same length hair is selected from strong and smooth strands and the cuticle is intact. This is a type of hair that Beautiful Hair Store devotes a lot of enthusiasm with superior quality. It is like a gift that we want to send to customers and can satisfy the most demanding customers.

2. Why should you choose same length hair?

Compared with single drawn hair and double drawn hair, same length hair was chosen very carefully. This is a hard and labor-intensive process. But we are very proud to choose the best hair for you. Same length hair has almost the same thickness and length from top to bottom.

Therefore, if you are going to a party or have an unexpected date, your real hair doesn’t make you feel confident. Don’t worry, same length hair is the solution for you. The excellent thickness and smoothness of same length hair will make your appearance more beautiful and outstanding. It’s not too much to say that the same length hair is a great savior for you.

You are assured that we have many different types with the same length hair so that your hair looks natural and does not reveal hair extensions such as same length weft hair, same length I-tip hair, same length F-tip hair and so on. The glamorous, fluffy hair is truly at your fingertips with the same length hair!
In particular, if you love hair extensions that is strikingly colored, same length hair can also help you. Since carefully selected from the strongest and sleekest strands, bleaching is not a problem. You can bleach and make any style you want.

Using same length hair may be slightly more expensive than other hair types, but it is really a valuable hair that you should own. Beautiful Hair Store is committed to providing you with the most affordable price of same length hair in the market.

So don’t hesitate to come to us. Order Vietnamese same length hair to have a charming look and attract all eyes right now! Thank you for visiting and supporting us!



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