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1. The real features of our single drawn quality?

Our single drawn quality is the thinner than double, super double and same length quality. This one is lowest price and currently, we only sell this quality with natural black color.

One trust is that this quality cannot meed many demands of clients because it is thin end, only 60% of full long hair but many can choose them because of lower price. However, this quality is still 100% human hair with full cuticle, no chemical, silicon… so the low-income clients can feel secure when choosing this quality.

We just want to say that we provide all qualities from single drawn to same length quality so the clients do not need to worry about. We will support our clients so they can choose the most suitable ones.

2. Why should you choose Vietnamese single drawn hair?

There are 3 reasons for you to choose single drawn hair right now.

Firstly, single drawn hair makes your hair extensions look really natural. Because of the thin layer of hair, it is easy to mix with your real hair easily.

Secondly, in spite of being a little bit thin at the ends of the hair, single drawn hair helps you thicken the hair layer to layer as you desire.You don’t have to worry about that your hair becomes very thick and unnatural.

Thirdly, if you choose single drawn hair, it will take a lower cost. Many people think that single drawn hair has low quality but it’s not true. Due to the less expensive collection and sorting process, single drawn hair is cheaper than other hair.

If you are looking for a natural beauty for your hair with reasonable price, choose single drawn hair from us.

Reasonable price and natural beauty makes Vietnamese single drawn hair become many people’s choices around the world. How about you? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and big discount. Thank you for visiting and supporting us!


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