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1. What is Super Double Drawn Hair?

If you’ve had contact with Doubel Drawn Hair, you can easily imagine that Super Double Drawn Hair is an impressive upgrade version of Double Drawn Hair. Our hair still ensures that hair strands have the same length, color and texture, forming a high quality hair bundle – long, thick, without short hair. Not only that, the superiority of this hair is the thickness and smoothness of hair bundles. This also means that product processing requires meticulousness, more time and greater accuracy.

So, to create the best quality Super Double Drawn Hair bundles, Beautiful Hair Store has spent more time crafting from real hair of Vietnamese women. We always try our best to keep the epidermis intact, so our hair are natural, sleek and highly elastic over time. We also constantly create more colors, designs with different sizes. Today’s featured types of hair include Straight Hair, Wavy Hair, Curly Hair.

2. Why should you try Super Double Drawn Hair?

The answer is definitely the thickness and smoothness of the dream of Super Double Drawn Hair that makes you fall in love. With the naked eye, you can still distinguish a bundle of hair with Super Double Drawn Hair quality. The reason is that its thickness is significantly increased compared to Double Drawn Hair, however it does not bring a heavy feeling. You will be surprised at how flattering it is to wear it.

Because the hair bundles become thicker, the hairs are also processed more carefully to make them harmonious, without tangles. Therefore, its smoothness also increased greatly. Using your hands to experience, you will hardly deny that your real hair and Super Double Drawn Hair are so similar. It helps your hair look natural, attractive and saves time when beautifying.

Don’t hesitate any longer, quickly contact Beautiful Hair Store to hunt for the best Super Double Drawn Hair samples today. We are always ready to welcome and help you change the look of your hair.



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