Wavy Cambodian bulk hair

Wavy Cambodian bulk hair
Product overview:
– 100% natural hair of Cambodian women

– Style: Wavy Cambodian hair

– Length: From 16 inches to 32 inches (from 40 centimeters to 80 centimeters)

– Color: Natural color #1B

Price: Call,please!
Weight: 100 gram
Material: Cambodian hair
Color: natural color 1B
Delivery time: 2-3 days
Ratings: 4.8 - 100 reviews.

Review Wavy Cambodian bulk hair

Virgin hair is simply hair from a living individual donor that has not been chemically processed, permed, colored or dyed. It’s the closest possible hair from the original donor. Quite simply, it is the exact hair that was on the donors head prior to harvesting. Quality virgin hair will normally be soft and feel 100% natural to the touch. In regards to texture, virgin hair is often straight. There are some high pressure heating methods that are sometimes used to add a curl or alter the texture of virgin hair.

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