Weft curly hair, Single drawn quality, 60 ash

Weft curly hair, Single drawn quality, 60 ash
Product overview: Usually, if a buyer does not treat hair extensions well, longevity of hair extensions will be about one year in case they buy real human hair. Let alone curly hair, it really depends on how dry your hair feels, how often you need to wash your hair and how difficult or easy it is for products such as deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, etc. to penetrate your hair strands. In all likelihood, you will not require daily hair steaming however you might feel that 1-2 times a week gives you happy, hydrated hair that looks and feels lush, plump and truly hydrated.
Buying vietnam hair and cambodian hair extensions in curly shape using hot steam enables hair stretching, less shrinkage and tangles. As the hair is hydrated, it usually means that there is less shrinkage which in turn means less tangles and knots. This makes it easier to detangle and can also lead to less breakage!

Price: Call,please!
Weight: 100 gram/bundle
Material: Cambodian natural wavy virgin hair
Color: 60 ash
Delivery time: 3-5 days after finishing
Ratings: 4.8 - 100 reviews.

Review Weft curly hair, Single drawn quality, 60 ash

When it comes to curly hair, especially for vietnam hair, it is believed that it would be hard to find raw curly virgin hair. Yes, that is true because Vietnamese gene of hair does not have curls. To make perfect curly hair extensions, workers will use hot steam, a technique adding moisture in the form of moist heat to the hair strands. It can be done in a number of different ways such as using a handheld hair steamer, a standing steamer or even enjoying the steam after a long warm shower.

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